Living with Cancer

Living with Cancer

The physical changes brought about by the disease and the side effects of treatment are difficult to deal with. Feeling weak, helpless, trapped and depressed are only a few of the emotional and psychological obstacles you will face.

It is important for you to plan ahead so that your physical needs are met. You will most likely need to arrange for live-in help, at least temporarily. While your spouse or children will be able to help, they will not be able to be with you at all times.

Joining a support group where cancer survivors can share their experiences with you can play a big part in helping you through this. Their insights and methods for coping will help remind you that you are not alone and that others have walked this difficult road before you. Most importantly, their presence will remind you that people with cancer can and do go on to lead normal lives.

Although it sounds difficult and you may feel worse than you expected, try to remain positive and hopeful for successful treatment and a full recovery. It's important that you do not give up hope.

Remember that different types of cancer and cancer therapy have different effects on your body's ability to fully recover, and getting back on your feet won't happen overnight. Months and even years may go by before you finally beat the disease, but life does exist at the end of that dark tunnel, and it will take even more time and effort for you to slowly regain what you can of the life you had before.

Discuss your concerns with your doctor so that you can set a reasonable time-line.

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